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Growdiance is the online community for ambitious young Africans.

It is true that we are limited by the amount of information that we have around us. This is why some people get ahead and many others do not. Even when we have the information at our finger tips, we are just so scared and unprepared to take the DAMN action. We (at Growdiance) are on a mission to change that.

We started Growdiance at the outset of the pandemic to train young people on essential skills that will help them in navigating their personal and professional journey. We have now expanded our reach so that more people like you can benefit from our value driven initiatives.

Through our actionable quotes, must listen podcast, blogposts that will inspire you, resources to improve your knowledge bank and absolutely informational YouTube contents by our Founder, Bukola - we equip you to be the BOSS of your life!

Are you ready?


Growdiance is the school every young ambitious person (like you) wished they went to. BUT... It's not too late.

We absolutely understand what it feels like to try figuring things out on your own which is why we have created this community to give you the support and resources you need to GROW WITHOUT LIMITATIONS. 


Growth starts with you being honest with yourself and vulnerable enough to ask for help.



the online community for ambitious young people.

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Shooting your Shot at Professionals Online Using our 4-Step Guide

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