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Don't Deny Yourself The Gift Of Trying

Why do we stop trying? Why do we not try at all? Why do we fear that we may fail at something we haven’t even tried? At what point did we become these people who have more fears than hopes?

As children, we had dreams- big dreams, amazing dreams, dreams that we did not think were too big. Growing up, some of us wanted to be doctors, bankers, pilots, and astronauts, and some of us simply wanted to be millionaires because we liked the sound of it. We didn’t think it was too big a dream or too bizarre. We honestly, wholeheartedly believed that we would become those things. We confessed it daily.

“David, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “A pilot”.
“Margaret, what do you want to be?” “A lawyer”.

However, we mature and grow. We forget how to dream big and believe in those dreams. We forget how to be hopeful. No, we decide not to be hopeful because we claim that we are being realistic. And so we sit, and do everything but try.

You see, fear is a natural human emotion, and it is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. The fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being a perfect fit, fear of starting over, fear of being the only different person in a group, fear of the unknown- although these are valid emotions, fear merely limits us. It holds us back from reaching our full potential.

But when we try, we put ourselves in a position to grow, learn, and gain new experiences. When we try, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to try and succeed or try and try again, until we get it right. We are allowing ourselves to become better. Although trying new things may be scary, even for experts, it is the only way to move forward and achieve your dreams. Trying is a crucial part of personal growth and self-discovery. By trying, we can discover what we’re good at, what we enjoy, and what our true calling is. By not trying, we are only filled with "what ifs"- a lot of them.

In a conversation with a friend, she said,

Don’t deny yourself the gift of trying.

Often, we are so scared that we do not even try, and because we do not try, we do not know what we are good at or capable of. Trying is a gift, a journey to success. Apply for that internship this week, take that course, start that podcast or blog, and invest in that idea. Leave your comfort zone this week and do something that scares you. Embrace the gift of trying and take action despite your fears. For what it’s worth, it may be the best decision of your life and the only way to find out is to try.

Don’t ever deny yourself the gift of trying. Don’t limit yourself. Go out and win!! TRY!

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