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Give Yourself The Freedom To Be

In today’s world, where everyone has an opinion on what you do or do not do, where people decide what should be and shouldn’t be, and where it is wrong to go against the widely accepted trend, it is quite easy to lose sight of who we are. It is easy to forget, to let go of ourselves and to change our identity so that we can fit in.

We are often pressured to conform to certain standards and expectations in our personal or professional lives. You cannot dress a certain way or you will be “called out” on social media. You cannot think certain thoughts let alone air your opinions on certain topics, or else you will be “dragged”. In a bid to fit in, to be accepted, we deny ourselves the ability to truly be who we should be. We are denied the ability to truly and unapologetically be ourselves.

So we water down parts of ourselves, we conform, and we change and change so much that in the end, we do not even recognise the person that we have become. It is okay to want to fit in, to desire acceptance, to want to be or like the things everyone likes. It is okay to want to change because we think we want to be better. But it may be dangerous when we do not have a clear understanding of self.

Give yourself the freedom to be! Embrace your quirkiness, your loud voice, your hearty laughter, your shy personality, your sharp eye for good things, and your attentiveness. Be authentic and stay true to yourself. When you give yourself the freedom to be, you are free, at peace and comfortable in your own skin. The world will always change. Be constant. Be stable. Do not go with the wind. Of course, it is not always easy but it is doable.

Practice self-awareness, embrace your strengths and weaknesses, surround yourself with positive influences and most importantly, be kind to yourself. It’s okay if you hate sliced bread or a certain genre of music. It’s okay if you like reality tv shows or you enjoy gossip blogs. It’s okay if you desire a different career path or you do not want to be a tech-bro or sis like everyone else. It’s okay to be you.


“To be someone else is a waste of who you are and who you are to become. Do you because no one would do you like you.”

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