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Shooting Your Shot at Professionals Online Using Our 4-Step Guide



I want to share with you the secret sauce that has helped Veronica and I create and maintain relationships with professionals online. I used these 4-Step approach to secure most of my internships at the university and Veronica has utilised them in building amazing relationships on LinkedIn - including grabbing the attention of a C-Suite executive in one of the most coveted companies in the world (The definition of a Queen, right?)


To be honest, it wasn't an easy ride just stepping outside of our comfort zones to pitch ourselves to people we barely know and really convincing them that we are worth the shots fired. BUT... we learned through our experiences - and we have simplified this process for you.


So if you’re looking to learn how to shoot your shot, we’ve got you covered!


The best part? It is FREE but we will only have it up for a limited period. So get your copy quickly and encourage your friends to do the same. 

P.S. Don't just share this document with them as they will be left out on our database. Send them the link to get theirs so that they don't miss out on our email updates.

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