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Growgetter of the Month- April

This is Growgetter of the Month, a segment where we get an insight into what life is like for the most supportive members of Growdiance.

This Month, our most supportive Growgetter is Faidat Balogun, a young lawyer who is interested in Corporate Law and Finance, and whose dream is to be someone who makes others happy.

Let's meet Faidat!

What is your name and What do you do?

Faidat Balogun. I am a lawyer. I work in a law firm.

What was it like growing up?

Growing up was adventurous and memorable for me because I attended several schools and experienced different environments. I also met really good people during this journey.

How did you find out about Growdiance, and for how long have you been following us?

I found out about Growdiance from Samah. I started following in 2021.

What is your favourite post on our page?

My favourite post is the weekly affirmations.

What is your career goal?

My career goal is to become an expert in corporate law and finance.

What do you do for fun? Gist us about something, anything that excites you.

I love exploring new things, travelling, and going out with my friends. Good food and visiting a new city excite me. Also hearing good news from my family and friend excites me.

Life’s tough. We are all trying to figure things out. How has adulting been for you?

Honestly, adulting has been adulting literally. It has not been easy but I am grateful for the journey so far and the little growth here and there.

Tell us about a time when you felt like things were not working out. How did you handle it?

This was after law school, I applied for jobs at many firms and companies and I wasn’t really getting feedback or invitation for the recruitment process. I was mentally tired from the whole thing and I honestly thought maybe the law was not for me.

I started reaching out to friends and colleagues to help me review my applications in case I had been doing it wrongly. It was a very tough stage but I am glad I got out of it eventually.

What can you say about pressure from social media, especially Instagram and LinkedIn?

The pressure is always getting wesser for real. It’s easy to get distracted and get affected by things people put up on social media. I had to start training my mind to understand that we all have different seasons and career paths in life. It could be that mine is to start from a small place while another person’s own is to start in a top-tier firm. I deleted LinkedIn and I only go there once in a while to reduce the pressure on me. For Instagram, I filter what I allow in my space for my peace and sanity.

As a young person, what do you think about choosing certain career paths because everyone is doing it? Do you have any personal experience or any other?

I don’t think anyone should do something because everyone is doing it. This is because you are not everyone. I am a firm believer that you should do what you truly want and like. Your life shouldn’t be about other people’s reality.

If you could be anything in the world right now, what would you be?

I would be someone who makes other people happy.

What is your watchword(s) for this year and what does it mean to you?

Audacity, I am challenging myself to do things even when I have doubts about my capabilities to do them. I am daring myself to dream and work for anything I want to be or get in life.

We are all familiar with “New Year resolutions” but only a few stick to the plan. We’re in the third month of the year. Do you think you are doing well? Relax, no pressure. How has it been for you?

For me, I embraced the slow and steady approach this year. I am taking my goals one at a time so I don’t burn out and eventually lose out on everything. I won’t say I am doing well but I’m not doing so bad too.

Tell us how exhausting it can be to be your own biggest hater. Share a story if possible.

It is very exhausting especially when other people believe in you but your demons wouldn’t allow you to see how good you can be.

I’ve struggled with my self-esteem since my third year of uni and it has been extremely hard to fully believe in my potential since then. Sometimes I want to believe I got something through my abilities but a voice in my head would just whisper ‘You just got lucky or God did it or maybe people who are really better than you didn’t participate.

We know you are “young and getting it”, focused on the bag etc. But, is there a partner somewhere? (Insert side eye)

(Laughs) Yes there is

What would you say to your 20-year-old self?

I would tell her to dream, to give herself more grace, to go all out for what she believes in and that things would fall into place eventually.

What would you tell yourself right now?

You are doing fine and it will only get better from here. Well done girl, I am rooting for you.

“Women are the biggest haters of other women”, “Women in power are terrible” What do you have to say about this?

This is a tough one, anyone can be terrible regardless of their gender.

I get that women can actually be the ones to cause problems for other women sha because some women in top positions do not go all out to make way for other women. Some of them practically shut the door from other women when they get into these places.

Share an unpopular opinion that you strongly believe in.

Always choose yourself when you need to, the world can wait.

What habits or trends should we stop doing in 2023?

We should stop judging people.

Leave us with some aspire to perspire talk. Advise young people.

(Laughs) anything you want to be, you can be. You just have to visualize it, work for it, pray for it and wait for it to unfold.

We are incredibly honoured to have you as a huge believer in Growdiance. Thank you. And thank you for allowing us to have this talk with you.

You are welcome and Thank you for always motivating me, thank you for helping me realize that my dreams are valid and thank you for being an inspiration for young women.


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