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Growgetter of the Month- March

This is a Glimpse into the mind of the coolest Growgetters. This is Growgetter of the Month, a segment where we get an insight into what life is like for the most supportive members of Growdiance. Every month, we will be interviewing youths on the careers they are building, what they do for fun as well as what their perspective is on various topics.

This Month, our most supportive Growgetter is Asmau Emaojo Abdullahi, a young lawyer who is interested in Corporate Commercial Law, a fervent listener of the Growth Podcast and a woman who would rather be a superhero travelling the world.

Let’s meet Asmau!

What is your name and What do you do?

My name is Asmau Abdullahi and I am a Lawyer. I currently work in a law firm.

What was it like growing up?

Growing up was fun. Although I was shy and reserved outside; I was talkative at home and very cheerful. I was also a foodie (I still am🤪)

How did you find out about Growdiance and for how long have you been following us?

I found out about Growdiance in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown through the amazing founder, Bukola Omokehinde on LinkedIn. I have been following you since Growdiance launched in 2020.

What is your favourite post on our page?

I’d say all the posts on your page are my favourites because they are always SPOT ON and insightful.

What is your career goal?

*pauses to answer the interview question, lol.*

Well, my career goal is something I’m still figuring out and I don’t think I fully have the right answers, yet. But I have interests in Regulatory Compliance & Corporate Commercial Law so I’m presently taking courses related to them and I hope to pursue a career in them.

What do you do for fun? Gist us about something, anything that excites you.

I like to hang out and spend quality time with my family and friends. I also like to think of ways to improve myself constantly. I enjoy reading books relating to self-development too. (If all these counts as fun, lol). Lately, I’ve also realized that working on something like a project and looking forward to the outcome gets me really excited. I like listening to good music too.

Life’s tough. We are all trying to figure things out. How has adulting been for you?

Hmm, adulting is definitely the absolute ghetto and I do not recommend. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice but to “adult”. So far it hasn’t been so bad though. Some days, it’s extremely terrible and I just wish I could go back to being a child without worries and responsibilities.

Tell us about a time when you felt like things were not working out. How did you handle it?

Very recently specifically, late last year. I had spent a major part of the year working on something to which I gave my all. Sadly, things didn’t turn out as I wanted and it didn’t seem like the result reflected the amount of effort I had put into it. On how I handled it.. it was a lot, to be honest, and it weighed me down. But I remembered one episode of the Growth Podcast on the role luck plays in life, where Bukola said “in life, certain circumstances are beyond our control and after all is said and done if you know that you put in your best and gave that thing your all; then you should not beat yourself up”.

I applied this and this helped me move on from it and I can say is that I’m in a much better space and at peace with myself. I also prayed about it and got to realize that God’s plans are different from mine and he’s absolutely the best of planners so I’m learning to trust his plans.

What can you say about pressure from social media especially Instagram and LinkedIn?

Personally, I don’t feel easily pressured by things I see on social media. For Instagram, when I see people living their best lives, sometimes I say “God, am I a potato”? Lol. I try not to spend too much time online by telling myself for example “Bukola & Veronica are living their best lives in the UK; absolutely love to see it! Let me focus on my courses so I can gain experience and be like them when I grow up lol”.

For LinkedIn, I’d say I prefer it to Instagram because I draw a lot of inspiration from people I see doing great things. I connect with them and if they’re doing things I’m interested in; I ask questions about how they were able to achieve their current milestone. Basically, I tell myself: “if XYZ can do it; then I can too”. But when I feel like I’m consuming too much information on the internet; I take some time off to focus on myself.

As a young person, what do you think about choosing certain career paths because everyone is doing it? Do you have any personal experience or any other?

I believe because everyone is doing something is not a valid reason for you to want to do it. Knowing your WHY makes the journey easy for you and helps in understanding why you’re choosing a certain career path. Also what works for A might not work for B so it’s important to stay true to oneself.

No, I don’t have any personal experiences. I’d also add that LEARNING from people’s career paths is good however, take the relevant lessons and modify it in line with your career path.

If you could be anything in the world right now, what would you be?

I’d be a superhuman travelling around the world and living my best life lol.

What is your watchword(s) for this year and what does it mean to you?

Well, I have a couple of them but I recently saw something on WeTheUrban’s page that says “Confident patience” and it aligns so much with me. For me, this means I am certain I am going achieve all I set my mind to. I may not know when it is going to happen but I’m certain it DEFINITELY WILL. At the right time and by God’s grace.

We are all familiar with “New year's resolutions” but only a few stick to the plan. We’re in the third month of the year. Do you think you are doing well? Relax, no pressure. How has it been for you?

Well, so far I’d say I’m doing fair. Not bad at all. The year has been going well and I still have my eyes on my goals lol. Like you said, no pressure but I still believe I can put in more effort.

Tell us how exhausting it can be to be your own biggest hater. Share a story if possible.

Well. Very exhausting tbh. Before, I used to believe so much in the people around me, like everyone but myself. I had a lot of self-doubts and this really affected me in the past. I believe it all started to change when I discovered Growdiance (and trust me, this isn’t coming as a result of the feature) and I’d say I’ve greatly improved. I now treat myself with kindness and extend the love I give to others to myself. This has made me more confident and have more self-belief. Being human, self-doubts and imposter syndrome come occasionally but I know how to handle them better when they come.

We know you are “young and getting it”, focused on the bag etc. But, is there a partner somewhere? (Insert side eye)

Lol nah. There’s no partner anywhere. I’m a single pringle 🙈

What would you say to your 20-year-old self?

Be kinder to yourself.

What would you tell yourself right now?

Slowly but surely. It’s all going to make sense eventually.

“Women are the biggest haters of other women” “Women in power are terrible” What do you have to say about this?

I do not agree with this as I have amazing female friends with whom I have very beautiful friendships. As for women in power, I believe they even tend to lead better than the males. No offence.

Share an unpopular opinion that you strongly believe in.

There’s no particular timeline for achieving any set goal and the idea of fixing certain goals to a particular age causes unnecessary pressure, at times. Sometimes you may not achieve your goals when you intend to and that’s fine. Eventually, you’re still going to achieve it. What matters, in the end, is that you get it, no matter how long it takes.

What habits or trends should we stop doing in 2023?

Society dictating how women should live their lives and what is expected of them. i.e. societal ascribed roles. Like a woman is not supposed to be a career woman because she’s meant to get married and cater for her family i.e she belongs in the kitchen. Both can co-exist and women should be allowed to do whatever they want to.

Leave us with some aspire to perspire talk. Advise young people.

You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Don’t stop believing in yourself. Do your best and have a relationship with God.

We are incredibly honoured to have you as a huge believer in Growdiance. Thank you. And thank you for allowing us to have this talk with you.

Thank you for having me; and thank you for all the good work that Growdiance is doing. When you reached out to me, I could bet I did not have any experience worth sharing until I started this. I absolutely enjoyed doing it!

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